With litigation in the Australian property development and construction industry on the rise, expert witness testimony and claims management services are becoming increasingly important.

Gowdie Management Group is regularly engaged to provide expert witness testimony and manage complex claims relating to distressed properties and projects undergoing insolvency restructuring.

It is our experience that more often than not, poor decisions made in early phases of a project, such as design management or cost planning, will manifest later in the construction phase, causing a ripple effect of costly budget blowouts and programme delays.

We specialise in analysing and linking each of the project phases to establish where the real issues lie – when the issues arose, whether they can be attributed to a specific party, if there is concurrency and causation, and what effect they have had on the current state of the property or project in question.

We have a clear understanding of the corporate processes, obligations and reporting required by insolvency practitioners and financial institutions and can tailor our services to suit the specific needs of our various commissions.

Our team works closely with legal experts, forensic specialists, insolvency practitioners and financiers to establish the optimum strategy for a claim.

We accurately inform case decision makers through meticulous:

  • data collection and analysis
  • forensic programme analysis
  • forensic cost analysis
  • contract review and application to actual data
  • ‘as built’ programme – planned versus actual analysis
  • earned value analysis
  • legal reporting
  • witness statement development
  • court appearances.

As soon as we are appointed to manage a claim or provide expert witness testimony we immediately engage with:

  • local authorities
  • contractors and subcontractors
  • trade unions
  • legal representatives
  • developers
  • other relevant consultants.

This helps to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the best outcomes available. Our team is mobile and able to respond to any commission within hours of appointment.

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