Gowdie Management Group has been helping to develop the Australian property scene for almost 20 years. In that time, we have successfully developed a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential properties across the country.

Our highly skilled consultants have the ability to successfully identify and deliver the right development in the right place at the right time and can manage any aspect of a development across all market sectors from start to finish.

Our team is flexible and adaptable and able to help you at any phase of your development, big or small, providing you with expert advice on:

  • site identification
  • town planning
  • feasibility analysis
  • acquisition strategy
  • stakeholder identification and management
  • finance / funding requirements
  • statutory approvals, including development, building and operational works
  • concept design and procurement
  • cost planning (forecasts, progress claims and cashflow analysis)
  • practical completion
  • settlement activities (sales and leasing)
  • final analysis.

We prepare initial scope documents to identify a project’s key deliverables and risks and put measures in place from the outset to eliminate or significantly reduce these risks.

This includes identifying the correct project delivery methods for the scale and complexity of the project and remaining focussed at all times on client requirements and product acceptance in the marketplace.

We cover all project disciplines and understand the importance of adding to our knowledge bank from hands-on experience on repeat projects. Our reporting procedures closely monitor and assess client objectives and project milestones, allowing us to implement corrective strategies whenever necessary.

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