Gowdie Management Group have worked in the distressed property asset sector since 2008.  These appointments have ranged from restructuring and completing large infrastructure public-private partnerships and mixed use developments on whole CBD blocks to compliance and status reports on unit developments.

We have built a team that deals with issues from development management through to construction, defects management and facilities management. Our team has managed to turn each around to the satisfaction of investors, lenders and creditors alike. We have done this by providing:

  • advisory services
  • compliance reports
  • status reports
  • condition reports
  • cost to complete estimates
  • programme time to complete estimates
  • stakeholder management
  • risk management
  • a recovery plan and delivery strategy
  • project “workout” services
  • a completion strategy
  • an approvals strategy.

The Hopkins Correctional Centre (formerly Ararat Prison) public-private partnership has been among the many successful distressed asset turnarounds we have managed. One of the reasons for our success in turning around distressed assets is our team’s wealth of experience across a range of delivery models and market sectors and our ability to be flexible and adaptable when and wherever necessary to get the job done.

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