Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are widely adopted in the delivery of infrastructure in Australia. PPP’s can be complex, and comes more successful than others depending on the risk profiles adopted by the consortium partners.

Gowdie Management Group has a strong understanding of financial and contracting market environments. Our team provides a service-focussed approach to achieve project objectives. Specifically, we can provide

  • development of bid strategies
  • compilation of bid documents
  • design and construction project management
  • completion of witness testing and commissioning
  • asset management – transitioning and operational phase of the concession

Gowdie Management Group draws on extensive experience in this sector, specifically on the Hopkins Correctional Centre (formerly Ararat Prison) PPP in Victoria. Following the failure of a design and construct joint venture, the original consortium was placed into voluntary administration in 2012. Our team was engaged to manage the consortium to deliver the project under a revised delivery strategy with a new builder and transition to operations which will run until 2037.

Our team have also acted on a number of confidential assignments to assess various aspects of PPP’s related to assessment of programmes, inclusive of strategies to achieve commercial acceptance.

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